Discovering Norway


Here you can find some info about our professional backgrounds and current working situation.

Maya’s CV

Ziggi’s advertising portfolio, Ziggi’s video portfolio

[ UPDATE! ] We are currently available for work (we should be finished with our current project by the end of the week). We both speak fluent English and we can communicate in Norwegian (BokmÃ¥l). Because we’re just starting here (and it is not so easy to start in Norway when you’re from Poland) we can do two kinds of stuff:

1. Stuff we are trained to do:

Maya: examining eyes, making glasses (optician and optometrist with really good references and experience)

Ziggi: marketing, advertising and video post-production (with several country-wide campaigns and award)

2. Stuff we can and like to do (that will allow us to live here until we will find some way to do stuff listed in pt. 1):

Painting houses, walking dogs, lawn mowing, taking care of gardens, working on farm etc.

We think that we can also be useful for companies that have many polish-speaking workers and need someone to improve communication with them. It seams that this is third kind of stuff we can do.

If you have any questions, suggestions or tips, write at: Thanks!