Discovering Norway

There is (still) life up north!

Hei folkens!

It’s been a while – exactly something around 6 months since we wrote last time. It’s mostly because we are so lazy (and some other top secret reasons we can only tell you after we kill you). But we still feel that you deserve some update on our situation. So:

1.We are still together, the only thing we own is 15-years old Subaru, we are still without money and clear plans for future. It’s fun.

2. Maya is working as an optician. Last Tuesday she found out new way of examining eye with +90d lens she decided to test. Since then a lot of people still can’t find a way home.

3. Ziggi is working for newspaper Hammerfestingen as a photographer and video photographer. Last month he finished a short commercial, and you can see it below. In November he will fly to Oslo for a practice in VG – biggest newspaper in Norway. He is still happy as the day is long (but now the days are getting shorter and shorter 🙂 )

4. During last three weeks we had one day of sun. The next one is expected to come in November.

5. Ziggi lost all the games in Badminton Tournament and steel needed to pay entry fee.

6. We were on holidays! And now we’re back.

7. Maya didn’t go inside the burning house. Ziggi did. And he got payed for it. It was a part of a reportage about firefighting exercises and he went there in full uniform to take pictures. You can see more pictures on his website:

8. We helped to mark the trail to Tyven mountain together with hiking club.

9. The darkness is coming. Dark Vader is smiling (but you don’t see it through this stupid mask).

10. We went for blueberries hunting. We fell into a river, got stack in a swamp, and found nothing.

11. Maya is getting into filcowanie na mokro to have something to do during the winter time. Ziggi is planning just to sleep it over.

12. Maya is going to study more optometry i Kongsberg. She will get very, very smart, very very fast. Ziggi is already afraid.

Film about Hammerfest (try in HD, it’s much better):
And some photos, becouse we don’t want you to forget our faces:
BTW: Some of this photos were taken by Maya. She’s getting better and better 🙂

One response

  1. Helena Dewald-Kubeczak

    Super Blog! Świetne zdjęcia! Miło się czyta i jeszcze milej ogląda! 🙂 ściskam za Was mocno kciuki i życze kolejnych sukcesów w zdobywaniu świata!!! 😀

    October 8, 2012 at 17:08

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