Discovering Norway

Easter and stuff

It has been snowing for a week, temperature is around -5*C, everybody went for ski holidays, so we can be sure, that this is finally Easter in Hammerfest. Streets are  empty, shops are closed, we live in a ghost city now. The only people who work (running a cafe) are Germans. Mankind can always depend on them 🙂 

This is what happened:

1. We are visiting Poland in a month time, so one of us needed to injure itself. This time it was Maya, who decided that twisting an ankle wouldn’t be good enough, so she ruptured achilles tendon. This gave us opportunity to visit hospital and get some experience with norwegian health care. Funny enough surgeon was our russian friend, who did a great job and promised that he gained his experience in Sant Petersburg, not on a soviet nuclear submarine. Now Maya will be walking with crouches for next 2 months so we are counting on best places in the airplane.

2. Ziggi is finally working and he is as happy as the day is long. He takes pictures for newspaper called Hammerfestingen – attending all the concerts in the area, talking to strangers and taking photos of mayor of the city. He is also working as video photographer making movies and short commercials for local companies. So he comes back home in strange hours, freezes in the wind, spends hours changing black levels and making adjustments no one will later notice, and this all is making him smile really wide.

3. It’s almost a year since we moved to Norway and this was one of the most interesting years in our lives (so far). We’ve (almost) learned the language, still don’t like food here (apart from frozen pizza), we have lived in 4 different places, had 3 different jobs each, seen aurora, meet reindeers, climbed a lot of mountain tops, become friends with fjords and some great people.

4. We visited Finland again (together with Marcin and Ola) and tried snow scooters in -25*C. It was fun. It was cold. 

We also discovered 2 km long slope for sledges. It was also fun. And cold.

5. Last month we passed our norwegian language tests. We can now officially talk to people about our work, weather, hobby and friends. We can also understand them if they talk slowly.

6. It’s snowing like hell and sometimes it isn’t easy to get out of home because of 0,5 meter snow in front. Local people say, that spring will come in summer.

1. Sami (local native people in Finnmark) National Day in Hammerfest.

2. Main street in Hammerfest during evening “rush hours”.

3. Ziggi as Harry Potter. Harry Potter as Ziggi.

4. A space ship floating over a peek, leading us to Alta.

5. Maya snizzes on her leg.

6. Driving home from Alta.

7. Snowscooters rednecks in Finland.

8. Stubborn Maya will not move.

9. Snow shovel lifting Hammerfest World Chempionships.

10. Hammerest “Easter rush hours”.

11. Some happy strangers in a car.

12. Sooooon.

13. Our Easter-Wine-Drinking-Christmas Tree.

14. Just another peaceful day in Hammerfest.


3 responses

  1. domenikabroad

    Magnificent photography – as always. I haven’t been able to see a picture of you before you left Poland. However, I cannot imagine that the two of you could have looked happier and more satisfied than you do now.

    I am so happy that Ziggi can finally start making a living off his creativity! Awesome!

    Best regards from Germany!
    (I really had to laugh when I read about the Germans running the cafe. So typical! 😀 )

    April 8, 2012 at 13:24

  2. anna zet

    najbardziej podoba mnie się fotka z drzewkiem pijakiem , wspaniała ścienna lampa – prosto z Polski 🙂

    April 8, 2012 at 19:59

  3. Lise

    Dear Ziggie and Maya,
    I totally agree with the other German comment here (not sure what the Polish one says) – it is wonderful that you can make a living with what you love doing. Well, I guess Maya is off work for a while, eh?
    Interesting the Xmas tree – however, I am sure it will REALLY collapse if you feed it the stuff in the background (the Jaegermeister)….did you find it up there because it was finally banned from the rest of the planet?

    Best greetings from Sunnmøre – here it’s the winter after spring (all daffodils covered in snow again)…Lise

    April 11, 2012 at 09:57

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