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Ziggi proved that even though neutrinos can now travel faster than light, good, old, classical physics still works. Here is documentation from the accident and photo taken around 40 minutes later:

One of the biggest Hurtigruten ships almost sank in the middle of our city! Two persons died and 207 were evacuated in rescue boats. There was explosion in the machine room but ship made it to shore. Then for two days netherlands rescue team was fighting for ship not to sink. In the critical moment ship was bent over 20 degrees to the ocean surface. After huge efforts hole in the ship was covered (using some cool magnetic technology:) and it was taken to the mechanic. More about Hurtigruten: and fire:

We visited the nicest marine biologist on Runde. Lise, thanks for inspiring evening, delicious coffee and cake! (Jam is almost gone). Also greetings for Wojtek Moskal who never replied to our email, but we still like him for his outstanding costume of a grape during arctic scientists party.

Autumn in Alesund  has begun so here is the screen shot of our weather forecast:

And some more pictures from sunny days in last month: Taken by Maya:Taken by Ziggi:

See you in the next post (probably from Hammerfest)!


One response

  1. Misiek

    tak odnosnie pierwszego zdjecia:usmiech bezcenny 🙂
    oczywiscie wsszzystkie pozostale i wczesniejsze swietne/ niesamowite/ na pocztowke

    November 1, 2011 at 21:33

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