Discovering Norway

17 mai!

In every other country in the world it was just a regular tuesday – 24 hours of time stretched between monday and wednesday. But in Norway, this was 17-th of May! From what we could understand, if you are a Norwegian, you can either walk and wave to the ones that are standing on a sidewalk, or stand and wave to the ones that are marching in the middle of the street. And you need to wear funny dress that looks a lot like yours grandma’s. Every school has it’s own music band, all the local clubs, groups, churches, kindergarden etc. have their own place in the parade. At the end walk just a regular people and families. After the parade (they call in “train” here, but you don’t need a ticket), you can meet you friends, and drink either coffee of coffee.
Read more about Norwegian Constitution Day: here (english) or here (polish).

Yeap, it was Alesund so it was raining 🙂
Thanks Jorun and Arne for letting us stay in your place! Tusen takk!


One response

  1. Love the feet and all the unhappy, wet people in bunad! x)

    June 2, 2011 at 19:34

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