Discovering Norway

Week One – We’re going to Norway!


So we closed our apartment in Poznań, drove 300 km to Gdynia (this is a city where in 1980 gentleman with a funny mustache jumped through a fence and this was beginning of the end of communism time in Poland), then 1300 km across Scandinavia, around the fiords, under mountains and bang! here we are in Bjorke, Møre og Romsdal, Norway! We’re going to work (and live) on the oldest farm in this region and together with the owner (and our boss) Marita, we will be preparing it for some artistic events that are planned for the summer.

And this is how it looks on pictures:

Last visit to Ziggi's parents and to Poland's countryside.

People enjoying the sand in Sopot.

Maya just realized that our ferry leaves in 1h.

Bye, bye!

On a road again.

This light beams went all the way from sun to welcome us.

Ålesund. (City of the most hospitable people in Norway: Jorun, Arne, Ane and Bjørn! Thanks!)

So this is where we live right now. And it's awsome!


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