Discovering Norway


Welcome at Maya’s and Ziggi’s blog about two people from Poland who decided to move to Norway. If you don’t know us, you might be interested in sections About and Jobb. Basically just make yourself comfortable and enjoy.


NEW! – There is (still) life up north! ] It’s been a while – exactly something around 6 months since we wrote last time. It’s mostly because we are so lazy (and some other top secret reasons we can only tell you after we kill you). But we still feel that you deserve some update on our situation … (more)

 [ Easter and stuff. ] It has been snowing for a week, temperature is around -5*C, everybody went for ski holidays, so we can be sure, that this is finaly Easter in Hammerfest. … (more)

[ Christmas, Finland and Artcic Opel. ] It was Christmas time. Even thought to reach us Santa must travel north, he finally made it. We’ve got some traditional norwegian gifts from Maya’s boss: … (more)

[ Auroras. That’s all. ]

[ First month in Hammerfest! ] So far everything is in the right place: Darkness is coming. It seems that each day is shorter than the previous about 18 minutes… (more)

[ Hammerfest – Northernmost city in the world! ] We made it! We drove almost 2000 km, visited 4 countries in 4 days, traveled through frozen Lapland, didn’t hit Santas reindeers at all, composed a song… (more)

[ Autumn, Accidents, Adventures ]  Ziggi proved that even though neutrinos can now travel faster than light, good, old, classical physics still works… (more)

[ September ]  Hei! It’s been a while. It’s been a while, because:  Maya discovered Rømmegrøt … (more)


[ Week Five/Six/Seven – Now, we live in Norway! ]  So this is a list of stuff we did here in Norway, in the time when we were not here, on our blog… (more)

[ Week Four – We are in newspaper and it rains! ] Today local newspaper Møre-Nytt is publishing article about us, so if you are here because… (more)

[ 17 mai! ] In every other country in the world it was just a regular tuesday – 24 hours of time stretched between monday and wednesday. But in Norway…(more)

[ Week Two/Three – So here we are! ] It has been great two weeks! We are living in Bjørke in a home from ’50, we have the best boss in the world…(more)

[ Week One – We’re going to Norway! ] So we closed our apartment in Poznań, drove to Gdynia (this is a city where in 1980 gentleman with a funny mustache… (more)